Final Abstracts

The 2016 conference program will feature oral and poster presentations that provide scientific information and ideas relevant to the topic sessions. The conference theme this year is “Science for Solutions: Linking Data and Decisions.”

Printed abstracts WILL NOT be distributed at the conference. If you would like a hard copy of the abstracts, you will need to print out your own copy from the links provided below.


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Oral Abstracts are listed by session and sorted by day, room, and then time. Note that similar sessions with the same session chair are grouped together in one file.

Tuesday, November 15th

Plenary Session

Estuarine Ecology

Fish Biology and Ecology

Food Web Foundations I and II

Habitat Restoration and Conservation

Sea Level Rise

Data Management and Tools

Data for Decisions: Structured Decision Making Tools for Planning and Implementing CVPIA Actions

Re-Envisioning the Delta with New Knowledge from the Past I and II

Wednesday November 16th

Biology, Ecology, and Management of Central Valley Salmonids I and II

Advances in Sturgeon Research

Species Invasions in the San Francisco Estuary

Anatomy of the Spring 2016 Phytoplankton Bloom in the Delta

Lost in Translation: The Art of Interpreting Complex Science for Policymakers

Delta Smelt

Modeling Fish Populations

Challenges in Meeting the Tidal Restoration Objectives of the Suisun Marsh Plan

Tidal Wetlands Ecology

CASCaDE II: Computational Assessments of Scenarios of Change for the Delta Ecosystem I and II

Linking Sediment Dynamics to Long-Term Management Decisions I and II

Adaptive Management in the Delta: Learning from Habitat Projects

South Bay Salt Pond Restoration: Adaptive Management Success Story

Integrated Scientific Approaches for Adaptive Management of Invasive Aquatic Plants in the Delta I and II

Developing Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Models for Delta Fishes: Patterns, Processes, and Parameters I and II

Thursday, November 17th

Non-Native Predator Fish Research in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta I and II

Winter-Run Chinook Salmon Science and Management in a Changing Climate I and II

Contaminant Issues in the Bay Delta I and II

Assembling the Puzzle Pieces: Synthesis of Mercury Science in the San-Francisco Bay Delta and Beyond I and II

Progress in Floodplain Ecology: Lessons from Yolo Bypass and other Central Valley Floodplains I and II

Delta as an Evolving Place

Restoring Resilient Landscapes

Ecosystem Impacts of Drought: Detailing the Response from Phytoplankton to Fish

Evaluating an Emergency Response: False River Drought Barrier Efficacy and Effects

Climate, Drought and Water Management

Ecological Flows and Flood Control

Ecosystem Management Challenges

The Collaborative Science and Adaptive Management Program - Moving from Litigation to Collaboration

Remote Sensing and Predictive Modeling to Improve Decision Making in Managing San Francisco Bay and Estuary

Environmental Models


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Poster Abstracts are listed by topic then presenting author(s)’s last name.

Poster Clusters

Aquatic Invasive Species Activities in California/Bay-Delta: Threats, Prevention, and New Invaders

Creation of Mercury Models for the Delta and Yolo Bypass: Linking Modeling and Delta Regulatory Decisions

Evaluating an Emergency Response: False River Drought Barrier Efficacy and Effects

Headwater Mercury Source Reduction Strategies

Linking Sediment Dynamics to Long-Term Management Decisions

Mapping the Invasive Plant Arundo donax and Prioritizing it for Eradication in the Legal Delta

Microcystis Drought Response Program Collaborative Research

Non-Native Predator Fish Research in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

General Sessions

Bird Biology, Ecology, & Protection

Fish Biology, Ecology and Protection

Fish Biology, Ecology, & Protection: Salmon

Fish Biology, Ecology, & Protection: Smelt

Food Webs

Habitat & Ecosystem Function Restoration

Integrative Applied Science


Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management: Endangered Species

Outreach & Communication

Physical Processes

Research Synthesis & Data Management

Water and Sediment Quality